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NPC RBC123 Replacement Battery Insert Price: $91.60

Manufacturer: APC RBC Replacement Batteries
Standard terminal: F2 .250 Faston Tab
Model: NPC RBC Insert
OEM Cross Ref.: RBC109
Voltage: 12V
Weight: 6 kg
Capacity: 9 Ah
NICA Part #: 2/HRL1234WF2FR
Price: $91.60
PriceFrom Qty
$86.30  10 
ApplicationManufacturerModel numberCross reference number
UPS Batteries APC Replacement Batteries BR1000GBX1000GBX1350MBN1250GBN1080GSMT750RM2UBN1350G  RBC123 

APC RBC Replacement Batteries are made with CSB Battery Techologies . 

We supply a High Rate Discharge Long Life Battery at 9Ah for extra life and run time

CSB Batteries are approved by APC for use in RBC Series of Battery packs


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