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NPC RBC7 Replacement Battery Insert Price: $198.80

Manufacturer: APC RBC Replacement Batteries
Standard terminal: B1 (Nut and Bolt)
Model: NPC RBC7 Battery Insert
OEM Cross Ref.: RBC7
Chemistry/Type: SLA
Voltage: 12
Weight: 12 kg
Capacity: 17 Ah
NICA Part #: 2/GP12170
Price: $198.80
PriceFrom Qty
$163.30  10 
ApplicationManufacturerModel numberCross reference number
UPS Batteries APC Replacement Batteries SU700XL, SU700XLNET  RBC7 
UPS Batteries APC Replacement Batteries SU1000XL, SU1000XLNET  RBC7 
UPS Batteries APC Replacement Batteries BP1400, SUVS1400, SU1400, SU1400NET  RBC7 
UPS Batteries APC Replacement Batteries 1250VX, SUA1500  RBC7 

APC RBC Replacement Batteries are made with CSB Techology Batteries. 

CSB Batteries are approved by APC for use in RBC Series of Battery packs


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